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Exceoo Decentralised Exchange Coming!
We are glad to inform all our loyal customers that the the development of our smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC ) has officially started.

The development is to be completed and tested in 2 days Maximum

Don't forget to secure more of the tokens for yourselves by making more deposit.
You can also buy more of the token during the pre-sale and public sales when it becomes available.

More updates coming soon!

we are happy to bring to your notice that everything is set and the development of our decentralized exchange will begin from the 1st of May 2021.
From the time of this update, every $100 deposit will earn you 10 free EXO tokens which will be used on the exchange when launched.

The more you invest, the more token you will get for free!
As you invest and refer your friend, the more EXO tokens you will get.

There will be more update on token pre-sale, date of exchange launch and how you will get your tokens.

The next update will also explain some of the feature of our Dex and why it will be much better than pancakeswap, uniswap and the others.

You can check to see the price of cake and uni so you will have an idea of how much your free tokens will be worth in the future.

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